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Dear Medical Professional,

We at Advanced Muscle Care have a proposal for you. Having worked with doctors of various disciplines, we understand that one of the most difficult tasks of most doctors’ offices is keeping patients to stay on their treatment plans. We know how expensive and time-consuming it is for the doctor when patient visit attendance’ (PVA) is poor, especially Pain Management Physicians. By having the therapy done on site we will:

  • Help you improve PVA at no cost to yourself

  • Diminish your office workload by lessening the time and energy spent hounding patients to continue their therapy

  • Help you help your patients with advanced, competent, soft-tissue manipulation as a powerful adjunct to your treatment plan.

  • In short, we propose to increase your income while diminishing your workload and helping your patients recover.

How can we do this? Maintaining PVA is a problem for most doctors, but it is rarely a problem for massage therapists. We have the advantage that our treatments are almost always pleasant and enjoyable. This is why, for example, so many patients who stop going to their Physical Therapy before completing their treatment course continue to visit their massage therapist long after their original injury is rehabilitated. At Advanced Muscle Care, we use this fact to your benefit by tying massage treatments to doctor’s visits. In other words, if a patient fails to continue on their treatment plan with you then further massage treatments with us are put on hold until they resume treatment.

On the patient’s first scheduled visit, in your office or at our facility, we will explain to them the importance of the Triangle of Therapy, and how soft-tissue manipulation alone is insufficient and is only an adjunct to the doctor's treatment plan—never a replacement for it. If the patient’s attendance begins to fall off, simply let us know, and on the next visit we will reiterate the primary importance of your treatment plan and inform them that we cannot continue massage therapy alone. If the patient wants more massage therapy, they will be required to maintain PVA with you. In this way, the natural strength of massage therapy (the desirability of the treatments) is put to work in your favour at no cost to you, and in a manner that actually diminishes the workload of your front office. This serves everyone’s interests, especially the patient’s by:

  • Improving PVA by emphasizing the necessity of continued Physician treatment to the patient’s health and well being

  • Taking every opportunity to emphasize the primary role of you, the physician, in the healing process

  • Requiring adherence to the agreed-upon treatment plan as a prerequisite for medical massage treatments

Our promises to you:

  • Advanced Muscle Care will never undermine the doctor/patient relationship by dispensing medical advice or diagnoses

  • We will actively work on every single visit to help ensure patient compliance with your treatment plan

  • And of course, we accept most forms of insurance.

Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you soon

Please contact us to discuss our methodology and benefits to you and your patients. Give us a call at 281-496-7246

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