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Whether you are looking for everyday health and wellness recovery, sports performance recovery, or pain and inflammation recovery, Advanced Muscle Care provides the most unique combinations of treatment choices. using multiple modalities,  

localized spot cryotheraphy

Localized Cryotherapy


Spot Cryotherapy sessions are specifically designed for specific areas of pain and inflammation through the direct application of temperatures colder than ice or ice packs. It is most commonly used for isolated areas of swelling and inflammation from a variety of causes such as physical activity, sedentary lifestyle with prolonged sitting, an injury, or post-surgical condition.


Isolated-Assisted Stretching


Our entire family has been using Advanced Muscle Care for many years now. Marvin has specifically worked on my husband has had several back surgeries. In addition, both of my daughters who are athletes . He knows exactly how to target specific problem areas . For a true therapeutic massage, this is where to go!

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Tracy J.

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